Urban Farming and Veggie Patch Maintenance

Do you like the idea of growing your own veggies but don’t have the time or skills? Why not hire us as your urban farmers!

Urban Farming and Edible Garde Maintenance Hawthorn Melbourne

Leaf, Root & Fruit offer Urban Farming Services. They can plant, maintain and harvest healthy, tasty produce for you in your own edible garden.

We can plant out your veggie patch for you with seasonal herbs and veggies. We’ll return regularly for scheduled visits to help keep it an aesthetic and productive space. We’ll let you know when your produce is ready for harvest, or we can even harvest it for you!

Urban Farming and Edible Garde Maintenance Hawthorn Melbourne

We can harvest your delicious home grown produce for you as part of our urban farming services

Urban farming is charged at a set fee per visit (dependent on individual requirements and site specifics). This fee covers the cost of:

  • Seasonal supply of seedlings
  • Seasonal supply of seeds
  • Fertilizers
  • Equipment
  • Garden stakes and trellises
  • Labor
  • Green waste disposal-for those that do not have a council green waste bin.

There is no set time-frame per visit. Each visit takes as long as is needed to complete all the required seasonal and ongoing tasks. The advantage of this system is that it’s easy to budget for (for all concerned!), and there’s no surprise costs for you, the client.

Want to get involved with the gardening alongside us? Then maybe you’d prefer our Edible Garden Mentoring Program instead?

We also maintain non-edible gardens and also offer lawn mowing services.

Contact us to discuss your urban farming requirements today.