Primary School Incursions

Primary School Veggie Garden being watered by studentsLeaf, Root & Fruit Primary School Incursions are a fantastic way to provide children from Prep to Grade 6 with opportunities to explore and discover edible gardening. We work with teachers in running a program in keeping with the Australian Essential Learning Standards.

Prior to running the Primary School Incursion, the Teachers will be provided with a program outline, including aims and expected outcomes. We also provide potential topics for the teachers to include in their programs before and after the incursion.

Our Primary school incursions can include some of the following activities:

  • Introduction to edible gardening
  • Discussions on sustainability, waste management and recycling
  • Planting an edible seed in a pot to take home (with supporting plant care instructions for the child and family)
  • Development of Procedural and Informative text skills as students write up planting and growing information, or other activities
  • Starting a compost heap
  • Setting up a worm- farm
  • Saving and using seed from previous plantings, for future use
  • Building scarecrows or bird scarers

Prices start at $300 for a one hour session for up to 25 students ($10 per student over that number). Contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can provide you with a more accurate quote.

Primary School Edible Garden Design, Set-up and Maintenance

Our Primary School services are not limited to incursions and workshops. Leaf, Root & Fruit have experience with setting up edible gardens in Primary Schools. We can help you with:

  • Edible Garden design
  • Construction of raised veggie garden beds
  • Supply and delivery of all materials (including soil, mulch, trellis, seedlings and seeds)
  • Planting out of garden beds. These are usually done with the children and incorporated into an Incursion program
  • Returning seasonally to maintain the garden and run follow-up sessions
  • Ongoing, routine garden maintenance and watering during the term and over the school holiday period.

Prices for these services are set in accordance with site requirements.


Primary School Edible Garden Lemon Tree

Our incursions provide children with opportunities to explore and discover edible gardening

Primary School Veggie Garden Rainbow Chard

Follow-up activities can include using the produce in the kitchen