Veggie Gardens

Veggie and Herb Kitchen GardenIn recent years, the options for garden bed designs have exploded. Growing your own fruit and veggies, was once limited to those with space to spare for a veggie patch, on a standard quarter acre block. Nowadays, any spaces with access to several hours of natural light, are seen as potential growing spaces. These growing spaces are limited only by imagination. Leaf, Root & Fruit can assist you  to garden in any space. We can provide assistance setting up larger veggie patches and permanent raised beds.

Other options we can assist with:

If you’re new to edible gardening we recommend you have a look at The Leaf, Root & Fruit Philosophy of Edible Gardening before starting to grow your own food. It might save you some time and money through avoiding preventable crop failures. The company name Leaf, Root & Fruit came directly from this philosophy. You might have noticed, that our logo contains veggies with similar colours to a traffic light? Again, that’s no coincidence and is also tied directly to our philosophy.

Leaf, Root & Fruit offer a range of gardening and maintenance services in Melbourne including edible garden design, set-up, and maintenance.