Kaolin Clay Citrus Gall Wasp Spray Order Form

Citrus Gall Wasp Experiment Melbourne

Regular readers of our newsletter will be familiar with our citrus gall wasp experiment and the use of Kaolin Clay to control gall wasp infestation

Kaolin is completely inert and organic. The fine powdery residue that remains on the leaves might discourage the Gall Wasp from landing. We have five different treatments being applied to the Meyer lemon trees in the experiment. To date, the Kaolin clay has shown the most promising results. Hopefully, we will see similar, gall-free outcomes by next winter in our trees.

We are getting many enquiries about supplying Kaolin Clay to the public. We are not a retail nursery and it is not financially viable for us to sell Kaolin or mail it out to you. However, to support local growers we have sold small quantities at our community nights and other events in the past. Given these events are not going ahead this year, we are allowing you to pre-order and collect small quantities of Kaolin from our Kyneton property in central Victoria.

Gall Wasps don’t emerge until late November and early December. So the spray is needs to be applied in the week following collection.

Please fill out your order details below and we will respond with a confirmation email that includes the collection address in Kyneton.

Date: Saturday 14th November 2020

Collect Between: 10 am and Midday

Address: Kyneton, Supplied via Confirmation Email

Volume of Calcined Kaolin Per Bag: 1 Cup (enough to make up spray to cover several citrus trees for the next few years)

Cost: $15 per bag (cash sales only)