Passionate about reducing the impact of modern living on the environment, we actively promote a sustainable and organic approach to producing food.

Whether large or small, having your own edible garden provides you with quality fruit, veggies and herbs that are tasty and healthy. Let us share our passion and knowledge with you to assist in creating an edible garden to meet your needs. We can provide ongoing support such as weeding and pruning, to ensure that you can enjoy the proud, satisfied feeling of sitting down to eat your home grown, freshly picked, organic produce.

Based in Burwood, we offer gardening services to support veggie patches, balconies, backyards and courtyard gardens all over Melbourne.

Leaf, Root & Fruit, supporting households to explore sustainable living through growing their own food.

 "Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden?"

Robert Brault

COVID-19 Crisis: An Update on our services (26/03/2020)

What a few weeks it has been! Recent supermarket supply chain issues have highlighted the importance of self-sufficiency. One positive to come out of it has been the strong uptake and interest in people growing their own food.

We have been fielding a huge number of enquiries from local gardeners wanting advice and support with growing their own food. It’s been great to share our knowledge with you all.

Increasing government restrictions put in place to limit the spread of Covid-19 have had impacts on our business. We are in the process of cancelling all upcoming workshops and community events. All  previously booked workshops for councils, workplaces and community groups have been cancelled.

We intend to continue conducting site consults for as long as the government allows us to. Food security is something that is essential to us all. Our site consults help ensure your own food security. Your site consult is conducted outside in your garden, so the risk of transmission is low. We are also implementing the following practices to ensure that social distancing is maintained:

  • A maximum of two client participants per consult (ie Duncan plus up to two clients present)
  • At no point shall we enter a covered space with more than two walls
  • Physical distance between participants to be maintained at 1.5 metres
  • Hand sanitising for all participants to occur immediately prior to and immediately after the consult.
  • Duncan will not be touching hard surfaces such as metal or plastic. Therefore, any gates must be propped open by the client ahead of the scheduled consult time. Duncan will call the client to notify them that he is present, rather than ringing doorbells etc. Although it would be appreciated if you can be ready in the front garden to meet him.
  • We are reducing the number of consults conducted from three per day to only two per day.
  • Site consults are to be cancelled or postponed if any of the participants (including Duncan) are self-isolating, have come into contact with a suspected case, are showing symptoms or test positive for Covid-19. Full refunds can be issued in these instances.

Where possible and practical we will support our staff and clients by continuing our services in Garden Design, Netted Enclosures, Implementations and Foodscaping. These will be assessed on a case by case basis. Please contact us to discuss your project further.


Thanks for your support during these challenging times.


Stay Safe & Keep Gardening!

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