Passionate about reducing the impact of modern living on the environment, I actively promote a sustainable and organic approach to producing food.

Whether large or small, having your own edible garden provides you with quality fruit, vegetables and herbs that are tasty and healthy. Let me share my passion and knowledge with you to assist in creating an edible garden to meet your needs. Ensure that you can enjoy the proud, satisfied feeling of sitting down to eat your home grown, freshly picked, organic produce.

Based in Kyneton, I offer a whole range of workshops that teach people how to grow their own food. I have written the  ‘Vegetable Patch from Scratch‘ and am very active on my Substack platform.

In June 2024, I celebrated 10 years of running Leaf, Root & Fruit. you can read all about that journey here.

 "Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden?"

Phone: 0423 003 764


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