Two Hour Site Consult (Book Online)

Site Visits and Advice

Duncan Cocking Leaf Root Fruit Edible Garden Specilaist Hawthorn Melbourne Urban Farmer“I want to grow my own food, but I have no idea where to begin!”

We can visit your property and help you to analyze the site’s potential for edible gardening. While doing so we can offer site specific advice about:

  • The best layout for your garden to maximize sunlight, rainfall and other important elements
  • Herb and veggie gardens for supplying your household produce
  • Soil, its importance for growing great veggies and how to improve it
  • Different types of gardens and gardening systems
  • Compost systems and worm farms
  • Fruit trees, Orchards and Edible Forest Gardens
  • Design ideas
  • Plant diseases, pests and organic controls
  • Possums, birds and other issues

A typical site analysis will involve observing and assessing the characteristics of the site (e.g., sun, wind, slope, soil and existing vegetation). We can also discuss your ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ from the site help you to decide on the best garden layout and solutions for your situation.

We allow for up to two hours for our site visits. Our fee for this consultancy, is $200 inc. GST. The cost of this site analysis will be deducted from the cost of a full Edible Garden Design should you wish to progress to this next step. Design options and costs are usually discussed and agreed upon during the initial site visit. Click the button below to book in your two hour-edible gardening consult.

Edibe Garden Consult Melbourne Booking

Note: Site consults can only be booked for the greater Metropolitan Melbourne area. Should you reside outside of Melbourne, please contact us to discuss our availability. We may need to add a travel surcharge onto the booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you provide me with a written report?

To keep the costs of this service as low as possible, we do not provide written reports or follow up notes. Instead, we encourage you to take your own notes during the visit.

What happens if it rains?

We conduct our site visits regardless of the weather. Heavy rain or windy days provide great opportunities for us to analyse how the site performs under these conditions!

Can I book you in for a two hour consult to help me prune my fruit trees?

Certainly. However, please book in for our Fruit Tree Pruning Masterclass instead of the Gardening Advice Session. This ensures that we bring the correct equipment and provide you with our comprehensive booklet on fruit tree pruning.

If I decide to go ahead with having some garden beds installed after getting your advice, will my $200 get refunded?

The profit margins on our garden beds and other gardening services are quite slim, so we are unable to discount the site consult fee from the cost of the garden bed. However, we will subtract the $200 cost for the visit from the cost of a full permaculture design as this can be the first step in the design process.