Fruit Tree Pruning Masterclass

Fruit Tree Pruning Masterclass Melbourne

Neglecting to prune your fruit trees won’t stop production of fruit. However, I recommend you prune annually to improve the quality of fruit and to establish a strong framework of branches to support heavy fruit loads.

Pruning fruit trees can result in larger fruit that is easier to harvest. The tree will be much tidier and takes up less space in the garden.

I’ve put together a few guides about pruning your fruit trees:

But, if all of this seems a bit confusing or too difficult, you can arrange for me to come and conduct your own private pruning masterclass.

There’s a common joke in our industry:

You can have five people standing around a fruit tree and eight different opinions on how to prune them!

Nothing beats having someone stand in front of a tree and explain fruiting buds, tree shapes and the role of apical meristems to gain confidence in the art of fruit tree pruning. Rather than the “what” or the “how”, we focus on the “why” when supporting people to prune fruit trees.

Nothing beats standing in front of a tree to learn how best to prune it.

Based in Melbourne or outside of the Macedon Ranges?

Why not come along to one of my upcoming workshops on fruit tree pruning? Every year I hold one in February and another in June. See my upcoming events for more details.

Fruit Tree Pruning Lessons in Your Own Garden!

Please note: I no longer offer fruit tree pruning services. I only fruit tree pruning masterclasses around the Macedon Ranges.

Instead I focus on supporting growers to have the confidence to prune their trees themselves. I offer a two-hour fruit tree pruning masterclass in your own garden. By the end of the session you’ll have a much greater understanding of:

  • Tree physiology and “why” a tree grows the way it does
  • Types of cuts you make in pruning and their consequences for the tree
  • Different shapes you can train the tree into
  • Timing of pruning and consequences
  • Tools used for pruning and their maintenance and care
  • How to prune different types of fruit trees to maximise fruit production
  • How to set up and maintain espaliers

My fruit tree pruning masterclasses focus heavily on understanding the science behind pruning. This enables you to better understand the consequences of your actions. It will give you the confidence to manage your fruit trees yourself.

Fruit Tree Pruning Lessons Melbourne
Gain confidence with using different pruning tools. Understand the "why" so you can work out for yourself "where" and "how" to cut.

Fruit tree pruning masterclasses are available in gardens right across the Macedon Ranges

  • My travel costs are included in the price
  • All tools and equipment are provided
  • A handy set of notes (with images) are provided to each participant.

The cost  is $400 (inc GST) for the two hour session (weekdays only). You are welcome to invite other friends and family to participate and share the costs (up to a maximum class size of 4 people).

Please note this pricing is for domestic classes only. Organisations such as councils should refer to our Workshops Page for alternative options and pricing for larger groups.

Contact Us to Book a Fruit Tree Pruning Masterclass in Your Own Garden

Simply fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch with some potential dates to run a masterclass in your very own garden.

Want a cheaper alternative to my Fruit Tree Pruning Masterclass?

I normally host two workshops each year at my Demonstration Orchard in Kyneton:

  • A fruit tree pruning masterclass focussing on Summer pruning held each February (when I believe we should be conducting much of our pruning activities)
  • Plant Physiology: Pruning and Plant Manipulation workshop held each June as part of the Science of Edible Gardening Workshop Series

See my events page for more details or sign up to my newsletter to be kept informed of upcoming classes.