Estelle Bistro and The Hotplate: Our Vertical Courtyard Garden is on TV!

Estelle Resturant, Josh Pelham, Scott PickettEarlier in the year, I took on the challenge of rejuvenating the vertical courtyard garden of Estelle Bistro. Based in High St, Northcote, Estelle Bistro is commanding an increasing attention, from the media and diners across Melbourne. They hold #27 in the Financial Review Australia’s Top 100 Restaurant awards for 2015. The owner of Estelle Bistro is renowned chef, Scott Pickett, who also co-owns the two-hatted Saint Crispin restaurant in Collingwood.

Recently, the vertical courtyard gardens were used as a backdrop, during filming of an exciting new TV show that Channel Nine is producing. The Hotplate, hosted by Scott Picket and acclaimed UK food writer and critic – (son of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall)- Tom Parker Bowles. The promotional ads for the show are currently screening on Channel 9.

Channel 9 The Hotplate, Estelle Bistro, Scott Pickett

Duncan on the set of ‘The Hotplate’

Josh Pelham, joint winner of the Young Chef of the Year title in the latest Age Good Food Guide is one of the great talents of Scott’s kitchen. Josh recently featured on an episode of Masterchef, where he won a cook-off against one of the show’s contestants.

The courtyard provides a verdant, open space for lunches, dinners and private functions, while the upstairs private dining room is elegantly decorated, perfect for corporate dinners and intimate events.

Coleus in a vertical wall garden

Coleus has grown well under the poor growing conditions of the courtyard vertical garden. Its striking foliage creates and interesting focal point.

As it is fully enclosed, the courtyard garden at Estelle Bistro does not receive much direct, natural light. This limits the opportunities for growing edible plants. Instead, our focus is on ambiance, style and visual elegance. Ferns, coleus, creepers and assorted succulents are used in creating a lush backdrop, to the amazing dishes being served to diners. The limited opportunities for watering and the drying effects from heaters and air-conditioning, with the restricted light, adds to the challenge of maintaining a healthy garden. Despite these challenges, the garden is looking stunning. Now we’re looking forward to seeing how it presents on TV.

If you’re looking for a fantastic dining experience, I thoroughly recommend Estelle Bistro. But don’t just take my word for such an experience, have a look at these enthusiastic reviews on Zomato.

Interested in a vertical garden, or ongoing garden maintenance for your restaurant or café? Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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