Veggie Crate Instant Gardens

Apple Crate Instant Veggie Garden

Our apple crates are a great way to get an instant veggie patch in your backyard or courtyard.

Looking for an instant veggie garden? Then veggie crates could be a solution for you!

Apple crates are a standard 1.2 x 1.2 m wide and 60 cm deep (70 cm high in total). These are ideal for smaller spaces and herb gardens. As they were originally built to hold apples, our crates are NOT treated with any harsh or dangerous chemicals, which could find their way into your produce. They are constructed from non-treated, Baltic pine, built to food industry standard and perfect for growing all manner of herbs and veggies. Consider lining veggie crates with black plastic, to prolong the life span of the box. These crates are perfect if you want a low-maintenance, instant planting space. Great for renters, they are low-impact and can easily be taken with you when you move. They’re also great for people with mobility issues, as it raises the garden bed up, preventing the need to bend over. See below for available configurations and costing.

Looking for Better Value?

Apple crates are great for temporary veggie gardens. Unfortunately, the baltic pine is prone to rotting, especially if you sit them directly onto the soil. If you would like a much longer lasting, and better value veggie gardening solution, we recommend Raised Cypress Veggie Garden Beds. Cypress sleepers are naturally resistant to termites and decay. This makes them ideal to use when landscaping. With no need for any chemical treatment, they are the safest and most sustainable option to use in the veggie patch.

For only a small increase in your investment, you can have a veggie patch that will last 10 to 15 years longer than an apple crate. Check out our Raised Cypress Veggie Garden Page for more details.

Veggie Crate Prices

Please note that we no longer supply Veggie Crates due to limited availability from orchards. They are prone to rotting and their short lifespan as a garden bed mean we are not comfortable supplying them to our clients.

Apple Crate Instant Veggie Garden with chilli plant

Apple Crates are perfect for growing herbs and veggies

Apple Crates make great raised veggie gardens

Apple Crates make great raised veggie gardens