Garlic in a raised pallet planter box

Our garlic is leaping up out of the ground at the moment and it’s not too late to get yours in. As long as you’ve got a sunny spot for it, growing garlic is very easy. It loves moist (but not waterlogged), friable soil with plenty of organic matter and compost.

You can use garlic heads from the supermarket, but we recommend that you source yours from a plant nursery to ensure that you’re getting a variety that is disease and chemical free. Carefully break the garlic head into individual cloves and plant them pointy end up. The cloves should be buried about 5 cm deep, and spaced about 10 to 20 cm apart. Then all you need to do is ensure that they are watered regularly and keep the weeds at bay until harvest.

It’s important to remember that garlic takes a long time to reach maturity, and is not harvested until well into summer. So avoid planting it in a space you’ve earmarked for planting out in spring, or you’ll find your patch ends up double booked.

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