Permaculture Internship

Based in Kyneton

One day per week (Wednesdays) 8am to 4pm

My family and I live on a 6 acre property in rural Victoria (Kyneton). At this property we:

  • Aim to improve their levels of self-sufficiency
  • Provide the space required for the LRF business to propagate plants for upcoming client projects.
  • Provide a space to host workshops on growing food, including an onsite classroom
  • Provide opportunities for the community to learn, grow and participate

The property features several acres of already landscaped gardens, including a productive orchard, small vineyard, olive grove, berry patch, veggie patch and several ornamental gardens.


Over time we are improving the current landscape to make it even more productive and tailored to our family’s needs and values. The Leaf, Root & Fruit business utilises space for plant propagation for our landscape projects. The property has an existing classroom to host workshops, with opportunities for practical demonstrations in the gardens.

Given the scale of the property, there are opportunities to invite members of the community to contribute to its improvement and upkeep. So we have three ongoing internship positions to assist with the above aims. These internships are intended to be a fair exchange of skill and knowledge building in return for labour. Other benefits to the roles are listed below.

The interns will assist with the improvement and maintenance of the property, particularly focusing on the productive crops such as veggie patch and orchards. The interns will gain experience in different aspects of Permaculture, plant propagation, landscaping and horticulture. Responsibilities will include

  • Planning, planting and maintaining vegetable crops
  • Plant propagation for the LRF plant nursery
  • Orchard care and maintenance
  • Installing or troubleshooting irrigation
  • Harvesting and preserving of produce
  • Planning and execution of new projects (such as orchards, netted enclosures, new gardens) on the property
  • Help to set up and run on-site workshops
  • Other horticultural activities
  • Tool maintenance

About the role

This is a fantastic opportunity for an enthusiastic team player, keen to develop some skills and knowledge in Permaculture and self-sufficiency. It provides opportunities to learn plant propagation techniques, such as sowing seeds, taking cuttings and grafting.

Improvement projects around the property will enable interns to gain experience with construction (eg of garden beds, trellis systems, netted enclosures or fences), irrigation, soil improvement, design and planting out of gardens.

Opportunities exist for the interns to gain experience with fruit tree pruning, planting and garden maintenance. They may also be able to gain experience with operating power tools such as lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, mulchers, chainsaws, drop saws, impact drivers and whipper snippers.

On the job training and mentoring will be supplemented by opportunities for mentoring on topics of your choice at lunchtimes. There will be opportunities to share in the bounties of weekly harvests from the garden.

This role is suited to anyone with a passion for edible gardening or considering a ‘tree change’ and wants to see what could be involved. Anyone considering starting a Permaculture related business or just wanting to upskill in Permaculture are also strongly encouraged to apply.

Permaculture Internship Kyneton
Take home delicious produce each week as part of our internship program. The more you help us grow, the more you take home!

The internship role has a degree of flexibility and day to day activities will be allocated to interns based on discussions and mutual agreement. Good communication is key to ensuring positive outcomes for all parties.

This role may lead to other opportunities for Interns who show enthusiasm, reflect the LRF core values and are professional. This could include exploring opportunities to make land available to the intern for their own projects, or potentially paid employment with LRF.

The internships are voluntary positions and do not receive a wage.

Benefits of the role

Whilst being an unpaid position, the internship is designed to be fair for all parties. To this end, the following opportunities will be available to interns in appreciation of their efforts:

  • On the job training to give you experience
  • A fair share of seasonal produce harvested
  • Opportunities for mentoring on topics of your choice with the Director, during the one-hour lunch break. This can include review and feedback on your own design work, access to the LRF book library, mentoring and feedback on your own business ideas, or any other questions you may have.
  • Free attendance to any LRF hosted workshops for the duration of your internship
  • Access to seeds, cuttings and plant propagation materials for personal use

Who you are

You are physically fit and keen to roll up your sleeves and implement some exciting edible garden projects. You are professional, reliable and have fantastic communication skills. You are punctual and eager to take ownership of your work. You will thrive on receiving and providing constructive feedback. This is your learning environment, but it is also our family home, so you will be respectful of this.

No experience is required for this role. All required training will be conducted on-site. As you may at time represent the business in the public you must have a current working with children’s check (a requirement of all LRF employees)

Who are Leaf Root & Fruit ?

In a nutshell: We are a business that supports clients in growing their own food.

Leaf, Root & Fruit is a resilient, sustainable business supporting the community in growing food. In doing so, we facilitate greater food security. We offer edible gardening services including:

Leaf, Root & Fruit has grown steadily since it was founded in 2014. We are operating in a niche market, and there is exciting scope for continued growth. We provide a healthy, professional, safe, and engaging environment for a collaborative staff.

We integrate five core values into everything we do. These values are:

  • Inspiration
  • Support
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Sustainability

Leaf, Root & Fruit is a gender inclusive, equal opportunity employer.

How to Apply

Before applying please download and read through the position description for the Internship

If you are interested in joining our team, please send an email to Address the following criteria in your application

  • Why you want this role?
  • What qualities or skills you will bring to the team?

Please note: I have had huge responses when advertising job opportunities in the past. As such, it may take me some time to respond to your emails. If you have any questions, or queries about the position please submit them via email and I will respond as soon as is practically possible.

Update February 2024

My voluntary internship program is currently full and I have enacted a waiting list. Please send your application in to be considered when a vacancy becomes available.
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