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5 thoughts on “white cabbage moth

  • glendon allard

    I live in south east QLD & the only way to stop damage by cabbage moth is to build hutches over them ,as I do for beans & tomatoes (cages)the bean fly & green vegetable bugs are my nemisis

      • Jen

        I live in Marion Bay sa and have many white butterflies- I have made fake butterflies from white ice cream containers and taped to skewers,and stick in ground around veg..this seems to work, they are still around but won’t land on any leaves! Its a cheap alternative worth trying!

        • Leaf, Root & Fruit Post author

          Hi Jen,

          Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It could be worth trying your method. However, I have seen a few similar experiments conducted where the results indicate that using decoy butterflies does not have much of an impact. For us, the solution will always be insect netting!

          Good Luck & Happy Gardening