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Spring is the busiest time of the year for working in the garden:          The days are increasing in length           Daytime temperatures are increasing          The soil is starting to warm up          Melbourne’s rainfall is typically plentiful All of this means that plants (including weeds) will thrive and […]

Spring Planting Guide for Melbourne   Recently updated !

Here’s our autumn planting guide for Melbourne. With the onset of autumn, our planting options change. I actually prefer growing veggies over winter to growing during summer. Winter veggies require less care and attention. With our cool, wet Melbourne climate, winter veggies practically grow themselves. What to Plant in March, April […]

Autumn Planting Guide For Melbourne

It’s August already… doesn’t time fly! In gardens all across Melbourne, broccoli, cauliflower and other winter veggie goodies are being harvested like crazy. Our tomato seeds have germinated and are gaining in size with every day. Some fruit trees are beginning to blossom already, which is a bit earlier than […]

What to plant in August