What do these 4 images have in common? 4

Images of tomato seedling planting times in Melbourne

What do these four images have in common

The answer was that they represent some of the different methods that gardeners use to decide when to plant out their tomato seedlings into the garden.

Some Gardeners consider it a great achievement if you can harvest a ripe tomato before Christmas. Many of you have your own traditions when it comes to planting out tomato seedlings:

– Traditionalists like my Grandmother say to plant them out on Melbourne Cup Day.
– Others prefer to plant when the Waxing Moon appears in October.
– Some naturists (or naturalists?) wait until they can comfortably sit with a bare bottom in the vegetable garden.
– Recent online discussion has suggested that due to climate change, Grand Final day might be a more appropriate day if you’re trying to get a head start.

Do you or your family have a traditional day for planting out tomato seedlings? When are you planning to plant out yours this year? Are you aiming to have a ripe tomato by Christmas day?

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4 thoughts on “What do these 4 images have in common?

  • Tom

    I planted two plum truss tomatoes last season in a raised bed and had a bumper crop of sweet tommies, I kept some seeds in a brown lunch bag and planted 4 seeds in seed raising mix placed on north facing window sill now I have 3 little babies about 50mm high. I will plant them out around my birthday October 19 in a different bed to last year. 2400x1200x400mm plot with beautiful organic soil already prepared with 1800mm high wires to grow them up, I also intend to grow 2 myself and give 1 away so that I can put 2 gross lisse in diagonal corners and all accompanied with some Basil, Spring onions and Chives. I hope my babies work. And by the way my dwarf Apricot and peach are in flower. I am in Sunbury.

    • Leaf, Root & Fruit Post author

      Hi Tom,
      Thanks for sharing the update. It sounds like you’ve got a great and productive summer ahead of you. Please keep us all updated on progress.

      Good Luck and Happy Gardening


  • David

    My late father always planted tomatoes from cup day.
    I usually have a special variety in a pot early. I have rapunzel this year.
    Randomly I start my planting of tomatoes with several punnets of varied variety’s, then as they mature I propergate the sucker so I get a long season
    Getting excited, garden beds nearly all prepared