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Citrus trees are the most popular fruit tree to grow in Melbourne. In fact, problems with citrus are what I get the most inquiries about. To help you grow better citrus, here’s our top ten tips for growing citrus in Melbourne.

Top Ten Tips For Growing Citrus In Melbourne

  1. Select citrus trees grafted onto the correct rootstock – Trifoliata or Flying Dragon (Dwarf variety)
  2. Plant citrus trees in a sunny aspect that receives at least 5 hours of full sun per day
  3. Good drainage is essential. Avoid planting citrus trees directly into clay soil without adequately improving it.
  4. Consider growing citrus trees in pots in areas with difficult climates or poor soils
  5. Prevent competing plants such as lawn from growing under citrus trees
  6. Fertilize citrus tree with a Nitrogen rich fertilizer in Spring and Summer (October to January)
  7. Provide citrus trees with plenty of water between October and April
  8. Avoid fertilizing citrus trees between February and September to reduce Citrus Leafminer and frost damage
  9. Prune Citrus Galls from the tree in July and early August (Although, controversially I recommend that you don’t)
  10. Keep citrus trees compact (2 to 3 metres tall and wide at maximum) through regular pruning

Want to know more about Growing Citrus in Melbourne?

We’ve put together a comprehensive five part guide to growing citrus in Melbourne. The links below will take you to the relevant parts of our Melbourne Citrus Growing Guide.

Citrus Growing Guide Part 1: Citrus Varieties for Melbourne

Citrus Growing Guide Part 2: Where and How to Plant Your Citrus Tree

Citrus Growing Guide Part 3: Ongoing Care and Management of Citrus Trees

Citrus Growing Guide Part 4: Pruning and Shaping of Citrus Trees

Citrus Growing Guide Part 5: Citrus Pests, Diseases and Problems in Melbourne

Citrus Growing Top Ten Tips Melbourne

Our top ten tips for growing citrus trees in Melbourne

Our citrus growing guides are based on my own experience, as well as the following two books. They are both invaluable resources for the home gardener based in Melbourne. I strongly recommend you have a read of both if you want to know more about growing citrus in Melbourne:

Bruce Mophett & Ian Tolley: Citrus, A Gardener’s Guide, 2009.

Louis Glowinski: The Complete Book of Fruit Growing in Australia, 1997.

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      Hi Tilly,

      Wood ash in small amounts will be ok for the tree. Adding lots of wood ash will make the soil more alkaline and may cause issues in the future.

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