Aussie the Broccoli Bandit

We had a family dinner at Mum’s last week. Before dinner I popped out to inspect the veggie patch and couldn’t believe the size of the broccoli. I wanted to take a photo to share on our social media pages, but I needed something to give perspective. So, we got my little nephew Aussie to hold them up. It took some playing around to make the most of the fading light. At only two years old, it wasn’t long before Aussie’s boredom and hunger got the better of him. He loves raw broccoli and just started munching away. Between Aussie, his big sister, and a few peckish adults, one whole, huge raw broccoli head was gone before dinner. What a way for kids to snack, sitting in the dirt in the middle of the veggie patch, chomping away at a broccoli head!

I’m sure there’s some witty joke we could be making about garden pests in the veggie patch, but I’ll refrain.

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