Caterpillars: Search and Destroy

Yesterday was a fantastic, sunny day. It was a great day for a caterpillar search and destroy mission in the garden. We’ve had real problems with caterpillars in our garden in the last year or so. They love to munch through beetroot, potatoes, rocket and many of the other leafy greens as well as herbs like mint and basil. The best way to deal with these pesky little critters is to hunt them down and squish them. It can be quite a game of hide and seek, as most of these caterpillars are masters of disguise. The green ones blend in to the undersides of leaves. Some of the brown ones stand straight and tall, imitating little twigs.

During my caterpillar search and destroy mission yesterday I stumbled across a beautiful pink caterpillar with a vibrant blue stripe on it’s back. It prompted me to get my camera out and take some snaps through the macro lens. I also took some photos of a few of the more regular caterpillars and butterflies that I come across in my missions.

If anyone can identify some of these minibeasts for us, then please let us know.


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