Coles Junior Landcare Garden Grants Program

The Coles Junior Landcare Garden Grants Program is offering funding of up to $1,000 to kindergartens, schools and youth groups to help create gardens in their grounds and communities. There are approximately 250 grants awarded per year across Australia.

Leaf, Root & Fruit are encouraging all primary schools, secondary schools, kindergartens, day care centres, and youth groups to apply for a Coles Junior Landcare Garden grant.

The Garden Grants can be used to fund projects that support students to learn about sustainability and caring for the environment in a hands-on manner.

Applications should demonstrate strong environmental education outcomes and links to school curriculum. Preference will be given to applications that involve the wider community and promote environmental stewardship.

Applications open: 2 February 2015

Applications close: 27 March 2015 (5:00pm)

Some projects that you could consider applying funding for are:

We can help you with project suggestions. We can assist you in putting together your grant application. To give you even more incentive to apply, we are offering a 20% discount off the regular price of Cypress Sleeper Vegetable Gardens and Wicking Beds that are funded through the Coles Junior Landcare Garden Grants program. Give us a call today to discuss your grant application.

Leaf, Root & Fruit can help you apply for the Coles Junior Landcare Garden Grant


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