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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tips compressed

  • Dorothy Shorne

    I am growing a cumquat in a pot on a CBD 7th floor balcony. There is a lot of street pollution. My tree is very unhappy. There are black pinhead dots on the leaves, mostly the back bit also the front. It looks like spots of dirt. I can wash the leaves clean but the dots are soon back. The leaves curl as though lacking water, and are paler than they should be. Is it pollution that is causing the problem?

    • Leaf, Root & Fruit Post author

      Hi Dorothy,

      The pollution could be leaving residue on the leaves. Without seeing a photo it is difficult to say. It could also be scale (more likely).

      Feel free to send through a photo to info@leafrootfruit.com.au and we can give you a better idea.

      Happy Gardening!