Giant Edible Trellis Project: Week Five

Week Five of the Giant Edible Garden Trellis Project was a quiet one. The snow peas and beans are all between 5 and 10cm high. They’ll soon start climbing the trellis. I’ve noticed that a few of the beans and snow peas have had some pests bothering them. Most likely it’s both sparrows and earwigs taking bits out of the leaves. We’ve been going out on some evenings armed with a torch and a spray bottle of strong detergent solution to spray the earwigs with.

There’s no sign of the watermelon or cucumber seeds germinating yet. We planted them a week ago and hopefully we’ll see them pop through the soil next week.

The companion flower bed is looking really good, the flower seedlings are really thick in some parts. When they have grown and started flowering it’s going to look fantastic.

The leafy greens that we sowed inside the trellis are starting to put out their third and fourth leaves. I think we’ll be starting to pick from them in another month.

We only had two of the Giant Tree Tomato seeds germinate. They are just starting to put out their third leaves. Next week we’ll transplant them out along the trellis.

For more information on the inspiration behind this project and the rough plan, check out our original Giant Edible Trellis Project Blog Entry.

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