Giant Edible Trellis Project: Week Seven, Pumpkins, Tromboncinos and New Guinea Beans

Week seven already! The rain we’ve had during the last week has been fantastic for the garden, but the sparrows and earwigs have not been so good. We’ve even spotted a pesky rabbit around the yard on some evenings. It hasn’t found the tender, tasty goodness growing along the base of the trellis… yet!

The giant tree tomatoes that we transplanted last week have settled in well. They are looking healthy and have shown some growth    This week we transplanted a third giant tree tomato seedling that was a little slower to germinate.

We undertook the third and final phase of seed sowing this week. The seeds were sown in groups of two or three along the base of the trellis. If more than one seedling survives the sparrow onslaught, we’ll thin them to the strongest seedling.

As part of phase three, the following varieties were planted:

I’ve never grown New Guinea Beans before and  I’m excited to see how they go. The seeds were quite an odd shape and are unlike any other seeds commonly used in the veggie garden.

For more information on the inspiration behind this project and the rough plan, check out our original Giant Edible Trellis Project Blog Entry.

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