Giant Edible Trellis Week 28: The Final Harvest

It’s been 28 weeks since we built the Giant Edible Trellis and this week we harvested the last of the produce.

The final harvest from the giant edible trellis.

The final harvest from the giant edible trellis.

We harvested two large potimarron pumpkins, a few more zucchini tromboncino and the massive new guinea bean, from the trellis. There was a small moon and stars watermelon fruit, but it was covered in powdery mildew and didn’t amount to much.

The vines have now been removed from the trellis and are composting. The lettuces and other herbs that had gone to seed at the base of the trellis have also been removed. The rainbow chard is the only productive plant remaining. We’ve already sown some telephone peas along the base of the trellis and look forward to masses of peas over winter and early spring. The peas will also help to add nitrogen back into the soil.

We’ll definitely be planting out the trellis again next summer, albiet with quite a few variations. At some point in the next few weeks, I hope to put together a blog summarising the project, including some ‘lessons learned’. It should be a valuable resource, for those of you contemplating your own edible trellis projects in the future.

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