Giant Edible Trellis Project: Week Three

Many of the seeds we planted in the previous two weeks germinated in week three of the Edible Trellis Project. The snow peas had started poking through late in week two. This week they are joined by the beans.The flower bed is showing signs of life with several sunflower seeds and many of the meadow flower mix seeds germinating. There are a few of the leafy green seeds germinated, but they are so small, it’s hard to say what they are.

We’re finding that the organic soil mix that we’ve used for the no-dig beds can be prone to drying out and forming a hard crust on the surface. There’s been a few warm windy, days of late and the soil is drying out quickly. To try and help the seedlings along we gave them all a feed with Seasol Soil Wetter and followed up with a good soaking with the hose.

Next week we’ll begin phase two of planting. This will include cucumbers and watermelons. It’s also supposed to be when we are planting out the tree tomatoes seedlings. There’s no sign of them germinating yet, but hopefully they’ll only be a few more days away.

For more information on the inspiration behind this project and the rough plan, check out our original Giant Edible Trellis Project Blog Entry.

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