Glenferrie Road Spring Racing Carnival Horse Installation

Ten horses have just made new homes along Glenferrie Road! The aim of the horse installations are to bring a bit of Spring Racing Carnival festivities to the precinct. The installations are a project set-up by the Glenferrie Road Shopping Centre Association and are supported by Leaf, Root & Fruit Gardening Services.

On Sunday morning Leaf, Root & Fruit were up and about in the wee hours of the morning positioning 30 of our apple crates in groups of three along the Glenferrie Road Shopping Precinct in Hawthorn. Ten life size horses are being displayed on top of the crates along Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn during the Spring Racing Carnival. Normally our Veggie Crate Instant Gardens are used for growing herbs and veggies in small spaces. However, in this instance we’re supporting a local, community art installation and the plants used are non-edible. Once the installation has finished, there is a plan for the crates to be used by community groups to set up their own herb gardens. Leaf, Root & Fruit are based in Hawthorn East and are proud to have supported this local project. We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with community groups on projects like these.

We think the horses look fantastic. Have you been to visit them yet? What do you think of them?






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