Harbour Town, Docklands Pop-Up-Patch

Harbour Town Docklands Veggie Patch Melbourne

We installed six of our half-crate instant veggie gardens in studio lane, Harbour Town.

Lately we’ve been spending some time at the Harbour Town precinct at Docklands where there’s some big changes in the pipeline.

Residents, shoppers and visitors to the centre have all been excited by the arrival of our temporary pop-up-patches. The apple-crate pop up patches have been placed throughout the centre and planted out with a mixture of seasonal herbs, vegetables and flowers. Every time we visit the pop-up-patches, people are keen to chat to us about the gardens. They often want to know if they can pick some produce to take home. Our answer is always, “Of course! That’s what they are there for”.

Through the pop-up-patches, we hope to encourage and inspire visitors to the centre to grow more of their own produce. The pop-up-patches also provide a space for the residents living in the apartments above the precinct to have access to freshly grown and harvested herbs and veggies. They are a great demonstration of what can be achieved in even the smallest of spaces. In the near future, we hope to run some workshops and get the community more heavily involved in tending these gardens.

The temporary edible gardens at Docklands are a sign of things to come. We’re currently working on a much larger project for the Harbour Town Community… Stay tuned!

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